Albania The Europe’s unpolished Diamond

Albania should be a tourist mecca. With a fascinating history, natural beauty, to-die-for Mediterranean cuisine, and a bundle of eccentricity. Shqipëri, as Albania is known in its native tongue,  is Europe's unpolished Diamond. Tirana, the heart, and the capital of Albania is known for its colourful Ottoman-, Fascist- and Soviet-era architecture, and is the main economic, social, and cultural centre of the country.  Pastel buildings surround the city's focal point, Skanderbeg Square, which is named for its equestrian statue of a national hero. On the square's north end is the modernist National History Museum, covering prehistoric times through Communist rule and the anti-Communist uprisings of the 1990s.  Tirana is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Albania and has a range of tourist attractions that make the city famous for tourism. It has a mild climate and a pleasant atmosphere. Tirana is one of the cities which will keep you up all night with its bars, clubs, cafes, taverns, and restaurants, keeping you busy discovering the city day and night. Tirana is full of history, many museums, mosques, hammams, mosaics, monuments, castles, theatres, and galleries, representing the national arts. Tirana offers both a rich traditional cuisine and a variety of foreign fares, from Italian to Chinese, or even Indian. Tirana is unquestionably the dynamic centre of Albania.