Music and Food Festivals in Serbia

Serbia: Since the separation of Montenegro, Serbia has been a completely landlocked country and has common borders with eight countries. These are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. Serbia remains faithful to the title of Republic, the remnant of Yugoslavia, it is also the remnant of the former federation after the five of the original six constituent republics. The new country was originally called the Kingdom of the Serbs. Serbia is largely smooth, and densely forested, with the Balkan Mountains separating it from Bulgaria and extending mostly from southern and central Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the north of the country, the Pannonian plain covers most of the province of Vojvodina. This is crossed by a series of rivers including the Sava, Tisa, and the Danube. Serbia is a welcoming and full of fun country, attracting millions of tourists each year.  In Serbia you can find, unique natural beauty, old monasteries, archaeological sites, the remains of the Roman Empire, castles, Chateaux, spas, Villages, and many more. Once arrived in Serbia you can enjoy the superb national cuisine. The energy from some of the exhilarating music festivals in Europe and experience a unique nightlife that usually lasts until the early morning hours.