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Min Age : 25
Max People : 60


This is a fantastic experience that allows to discover Amazonia
secrets and charms, enjoy different experiences while
interacting with raw nature and acknowledge indigenous tribes
way of life, while decompressing from the city rush.

Time does not matter in here, just your moments.





Departure Time

May June July August September October November December

Dress Code


Day 1


Arrival, meet and transfer to the hotel. Free day to rest.

Day 2

City tour and Amazonia Museum (morning/afternoon)

Time: 09am to 5.30pm.
Included: bilingual guide, taxes, transfer and mineral water.

Morning – To relive the city’s history, our tour visits the Rio
Negro Palace located on one of the main avenues of the historic
center, called Sete de Setembro. The place was built in an eclectic
style, in 1903, to be the private residence of a wealthy merchant
from rubber, the German Karl Waldemar Scholz. It became one
of the most emblematic buildings of that period, which marked
the state’s economy. Following the route through Paris of the
Tropics, we will pass by Avenue Sete de Setembro surrounded by
monuments and colorful facades of the period that make way for
the centenary Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market with its
splendid Art Nouveau iron architecture, listed in 1987 by Iphan
as a Historic and Heritage Site. National Artistic, it is surrounded
by the smells and colors of products and typical foods of the
region, located on the banks of the Rio Negro. To end our Belle
Époque experience, we will explore Largo de São Sebastião,
which houses the refined historical monument of the opening of
ports to friendly nations, located in front of the Church of São
Sebastião. Finally, we visited the Teatro Amazonas/Opera House,
the greatest symbol of the golden era of rubber and the purest
expression of the Belle Époque, the height of beauty, innovation
and peace among European countries. Its incredible hall with 701
seats and three floors is formed by French iron columns and its
paintings on the ceiling portray the Amazon fauna and flora that
leave any visitor amazed and so we end our tour of the Paris of the Tropics, owner of so much beauty and culture on the banks of the
Rio Negro.

Lunch Stop – Restaurant Caxiri (see DETAILS for more information)

AfternoonThe Botanic Gardens / Museum of the Amazon is
located within the forest reserve Adolpho Ducke. The visits allow
a close intimacy with the forest, which can be traveled over
nearly 3 km, through the trails. The contrast between the high
and low trees, the invasion of sunshine inside, kills vines,
creepers, young and old trunks, mushrooms, fungi and flowers;
the corner of dozens of birds, the characteristic sounds of the
animals that inhabit the place, everything, in short, is available to
watch senses decipher who know and understand the beauty of
the place.
• Tower 42 meters mounted in the middle of the forest
• Interpretive trails with guide service;
• Library specialized in serving those seeking information about
botany and the environment;
• Collection directed to students of primary and secondary education;
• Exhibitions, events and courses with environmental issues;
• Spaces for research development.

Day 3

Rubber Museum and Jungle Track with overnight at Indigenous Village

Included: transfer, taxes, bilingual guides, lunch and mineral water
on board, hammocks, ropes, dinner on board with regional
cuisine, breakfast typical indigenous food, visitation fees,
boarding fee.
Extras included: drinks during the meal – water, juices and soft
Regional Boat, two decks with wood fiber
Leaving the port, we will go up the Rio Negro towards the Rubber
Museum, Vila Paraíso, a place that portrays the way of living from
the rubber plantation man and reproduces the golden age of the
rubber cycle, with a collection made up of settings from the peak
period of its economic valuation. The result of the Amazonas
cinema center, it was created to serve as a filming set for the
series “A Selva”, directed by Leonel Vieira in a free adaptation of
the work of Portuguese writer Ferreira de Castro, which returns
to the historical past characterizing the economy and society
Amazonian at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lunch break at Peixe Boi Restaurant with regional food, a pre selected buffet for the group before heading off on the adventure
that awaits us.

Leaving the restaurant, we will continue the navigation to the
jungle area in the Tatuyos Tribe where the safety
recommendations will be made and from where we will start the
hike on trails chosen by the indigenous instructors who will
accompany the group. Trail with several stops to explain natural
resources and jungle plants, guidance and general rules, how to
build traps for capturing animals, how to make fire in adverse
situations, rules for building shelters, how to climb a tree using a
nature resource and showing its manufacture, among other
important information. After the trails, return for a snack with fruit
on the boat and we will prepare for the overnight stay on the boat.

The overnight will be in hammocks at the tribe village, where a
ritual will be performed.

Ritual: lecture where the story of each passage will be told, such
as the baptism where it receives the indigenous name, there will
be the story of the passage of young boys to adulthood, the
passage of girls in their first menstruation, how marriage is
performed, about the harvest of fruit sand the accompaniment of the instruments representing each moment with the
instruments: Kapiwaiá, Yuruparí, Mawako and the closing with
Kariço instruments where they will be invited to dance along with
the tribe.

Day 4

Pink Dolphin and Meeting of the Waters

Included: transfer, taxes, bilingual guides, lunch and
mineral water on board
Extras included: drinks during lunch – water, juices and
soft drinks
Regional boat, two decks with wood fiber

Leaving the tribe, we will cross the Rio Negro River towards the
floating platform for viewing the pink dolphins where we will be
able to swim with these docile animals and watch them being fed
by a riverine river legalized by Ibama. The trip continues down the
Rio Negro passing by the edge of the city towards the January
Ecological Park, a region of flooded forest with Igapós and
Igarapés, in the park a regional lunch will be served in a floating
restaurant with a menu based on fish, meat or chicken, salads
and side dishes, self-service buffet with appetizer, main menu
and desserts, then we visit the famous water lilies, aquatic plants
typical of the Amazon region. We continue towards the
phenomenon Meeting of the Waters, where the Rio Negro and
Solimõesmeet without their waters mixing, an experience that
enchants everyone’s eyes. Return to the pier and end the greatest

Day 5

Presidente Figueiredo Waterfalls Adventure

Time: 8 am to 6 pm
Included: bilingual guides, taxes, transfers, mineral water and
Extras included: drinks during lunch – water, juices and soft drinks

Our tour includes a visit to the Refúgio da Maroaga Cave where
we will start a walk with a little more than 2.5km in an estimated
time of 2h30 in a terra firme forest, which comprises one of the
three largest ecosystems of the Amazon Rainforest. The cave has
more than 400m of tunnels and galleries that extend between
rocky walls until reaching the entrance of the gallery to Gruta da
To catch our breath and regain our strength, we will take a lunch
break with a menu based on local cuisine.
After renewed energy, we head to the second stop for a swim,
the Blue Lagoon, a paradisiacal setting with a lagoon that draws
attention for its beautiful bluish waters. The color is probably due
to the aquifer of the Guianas, which gushes out at various points
in the Municipality of PresidenteFigueiredo, where the source of
the lagoon is located. The underground river is famous for its
water quality, which, according to several studies, is among the
purest on the planet.

Day 6

Day for leisure and thematic amazon dinner

Duration: 07.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Menu: Regional in 3 times
Included: transfer and bilingual guide

Free day for leisure. At night, there’s a farewell dinner with a
typical show (Bumba Meu Boi) included (See DETAILS for more information!)

Day 7

Home country return

Transfer to the airport for the flight back home. End of our services.



Day 2 – Restaurant Caxir

Acai bread, root chips and tapioca Beiju with Puxuri
Cupuaçu butter & fresh chestnut paste

Tapioca sticks, coalho cheese and Puxuri, Arubé and cande
Grilled Tucupi bread toast, coalho cheese, roasted tomato and
chicoryTambaqui fried fish bowl with sweet and sour Cupuaçu and Arubé.

Main Menu
Tambaqui rib on the barbecue with banana milleaf leaves,
Tucumã aioli and chestnut farofa with Amazonian spices
Fresh Arapaima (Pirarucu) grilled on charcoal grill with creamy
Baião of butter beans and red rice,roasted vegetables and Tucupi
Beef cut with roasted garlic, cassava, aioli and farofinha

Milk pudding with Puxuri, mounted cream
and chestnut caramel
Cupuaçu, cream with Cumaru
and chocolate
Parfeit – banana, homemade dulce de leche, natural yogurt,
sweet farofinha


Day 6 – Bumba Meu Boi

Starters: Green Salad, Duck Pastries, Tapioca Dadinho,
Amazonian Seviche;
Main course: Amazonian Moqueca, Tambaqui Ribs, Chicken with
Moustad Sauce, Jambu Pesto Pasta;
Dessert: Fruits, Cupuaçu and Tapioca Pie, Selection of minisweets
Drinks: non-alcoholic open bar (water, juices and soft drinks)
To finish: Coffee, Tea, Cointreau



  • bilingual guide
  • taxes
  • transfer
  • mineral water, 2 kinds of juice and sodas
  • extras: drinks during lunch