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Min Age : 25
Max People : 10


– Safari Adventure Experience
– Tour with endurance moto (self-ride)
– Diving in Tolagnaro
– Hike on extraordinary Andringitra mountain
– Observaon of the beauful exoc landscape during the trip
– Discovery of lemurs, the most famous animals of the island
– Discovery of fauna and flora like chameleons and other animal and plant species
– Discovery of the culture of an ethnic group Betsileo
– Campfire
– Discovery of the small Malagasy villages and tradional life in Madagascar





Departure Time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Dress Code

Sport casual


Day 1

Day 1: Welcome at Ivato airport – transfer to the hotel.
you go on vacaon on your own motorcycle, without supervision, and you ride in complete freedom.
They are fetched by a English speaking tour guide and accompanied to the hotel. Aer a long flight you
can relax at the Hôtel Restaurant La Ribaudière Antananarivo, 4-star hotel.

Day 2

Day 2: Antananarivo
This day is scheduled for your arrival. You can use it to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, to
sele in at the hotel and also to get to know the other parcipants.
Aer breakfast the tour guide will accompany you to a place where the motorcycle is located. You will
have the opportunity to try on your motorcycle and choose your favorite bikes. In the evening you will
be accompanied to the La Ribaudiere Hotel, a 4-star hotel.

You will visit the former Royal Palace Rova of Madagascar. This is one of the famous historical cultures of
Madagascar during the colonial period, executed by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Imerina in the 17th
and 18th years and the monarchs of the Kingdom of Madagascar in the 19th.
It is located at an altude of 1462 m on the highest elevaon of the capital, the Analamanga, and is thus
almost 200 m above the quarters of the lower city.

Day 3

Day 3: Antananarivo – Antsirabe (168 Km, ca. 4 Hours)
Aer breakfast you will pass an endurance trip moto to Antsirabe. The trip takes about 4 hours. Arriving
in Antsirabe, you can discover the city of Antsirabe and get to know the culture of the ethnic group
Vakinankaratra. Overnight stay in Plumeria Hotel, 3-star hotel.
Antsirabe is located 168 km south of Antananarivo. The city and its surroundings are rich in history. The
quality of its soils and waters with a high concentraon of mineral salts gives it the name Antsirabe,
which means “where there is a lot of salt”. It is also called the “city of water”, where you can enjoy its
baths with their therapeuc virtues. There are three lakes in the area: Tritriva, Andranomafana and

Day 4

Day 4: Visit of small villages Andraikiba, Tritriva und Betafo (60 Km)
Today we will drive along a side road. Aer breakfast we will drive to Andraikiba. There we will enjoy the
beauty of the lake. Then the journey connues to Tritriva. In Tritriva we will have lunch at the
restaurant-hotel. Aer lunch the journey connues to Betafo. In Betafo we will discover the Tatamarina
Lake. In the evening we will return to Antsirabe. Overnight stay at the Plumeria Hotel, 3-star hotel.
Lake Andraikiba is located about 7 km west of Antsirabe. Its name comes from the cry of a young
pregnant woman who drowned there during a swimming compeon with her rival, organized by her
own husband. People in the area oen like to tell other legends, which are as amusing and striking as the
others. This lake strongly resembles a circle with a circumference of 5 km, surrounded by some tree
plants and the remains of a naucal complex from the colonial period.
Lake Tritriva is a volcanic lake located about 27 km from Antsirabe and has a shape like Madagascar. The
water level of the lake sinks during the rainy season and rises when the monsoon rains have stopped.
The story of Lake Tritriva is the story of Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta, two lovers who commied suicide
because of their forbidden love in the lake. According to local legends and beliefs, aer the suicide of the
two cursed lovers, their souls were depicted in the intertwined trunks of a tree growing on a rock on the
shore of the lake. They would bleed if they were cut off.
Betafo is located 22 km west of Antsirabe. It is a charming town that will seduce more than one visitor. It
is a typical Merina village, specialized in wrought iron, but also has an agricultural vocaon. Its lush rice
fields, its plateaus with cutlery from various plantaons and the joy of life of its inhabitants have created
the charm of this unique desnaon.

Day 5

Day 5: Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa (242 Km, ca. 6 hours)
Aer breakfast we start our journey to Fianarantsoa. You will drive on the naonal road 7 with a view of
tropical forests and rice fields. The 242 km route from the center to the south of the island of
Madagascar is a tasteful blend of authenc encounters, imposing nature and ancestral cultures mixed
between Africa, Asia and Europe. Enjoy every moment by discovering the mulple sides of the plateaus.
On the way you will discover beauful scenery with green nature and mountains. The drive to
Fianarantsoa (capital of the Betsileo ethnic group) takes about 6 hours. Aer a long drive you can relax at
the hotel. Overnight at Lac Hotel Sahambavy, 3 star hotel.
Among the 6 provinces of Madagascar, Fianarantsoa is one of them. It is located 413 km from the capital
Antananarivo and is a large classical city of Madagascar. There are some interesng places that the
tourist can visit, such as the Fianarantsoa viewpoint, a view from above, from where you can see the
whole city of Fianarantsoa at a glance. This place is especially known by the tourists of Fianarantsoa.
There are also beauful lakes to visit: Anosy, Manovoriaka, Sahambavy.

Day 6

Day 6: Discovery of the tea plantaon in Sahambavy (80 km)
Aer lunch we drive to Sahambavy to discover the tea plantaon. It is 40 km away from Fianarantsoa.
We will have lunch at the restaurant-hotel. Aer lunch we will ride to Ikalamavony. On the way we will
enjoy the beauty of the landscape. In the evening we will return to Fianarantsoa. Overnight stay at Lac
Hotel Sahambavy, 3-star hotel.
About 27 km from Fianarantsoa, about 25 minutes by car, Sahambavy is one of the most beauful places
for tourists in Fianarantsoa. The history of Madagascar’s first tea plantaon begins in 1969 with the
arrival of the French Instute for Coffee and Cocoa. They first started with the scienfic research of the
different qualies of tea that can be grown in Madagascar.
In 1970, the European Development Fund financed the expansion of the plantaon, which became a
state-owned enterprise in 1973 during the socialist period under the name SOTEMAD (Société Théicole
de Madagascar).
In 1996, the tea plantaon returned to the private sector: Maurian investors bought 2/3 of the capital.
Currently the name of the plantaon is SIDEXAM Sahambavy.
The Sahambavy tea plantaon is the only one in Madagascar, so there is no compeon. In the coming
years, they will work on the development of green tea, which is known for its health benefits and is
currently in demand on Western markets, as well as on a project for organic tea.
Ikalamavony is 62 km away from Fianarantsoa. Ikalamavony is known for its agriculture and mining areas
and cows. The zebu height is very important for the culture of this city, so to reach Ikalamavony we have
to take a side road. The inhabitants of Ikalamavony are very sociable and very popular because of their
ability to express themselves

Day 7

Day 7: Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao (60 Km, for. 2 Hours)
Aer breakfast the journey connues to Ambalavao. Ambalavao is 60 km away from Fianarantsoa and
the trip takes about 2 hours. In Ambalavao we will get to know the Betsileo culture. Overnight stay at La
Varangue Betsileo Hotel, 4-star hotel.
Ambalavao is a city in the south of Madagascar with about 31,000 inhabitants in the Haute Matsiatra
region. The town is located on the naonal road RN 7 between Fianarantsoa and Toliara. The city is the
center of Antaimoro paper producon. Ambalavao is a charming market town. Ambalavao is the locaon
of the largest zebu market in Madagascar, where zebus from all regions of the country are sold. The Zebu
Market is held on Wednesdays and Thursdays on a hill about 1 km south along the RN 7. A landmark of
the city is the zebu.

Day 8

Day 8: Ambalavao – Andringitra (94 Km round trips, about 4 hours)
Aer breakfast we hike to the naonal parks of Andringitra. This is the second highest mountain in
Madagascar with 2.658 meters height. We will leave the hotel at 7.00 am. Andringitra Naonal Park is
located in the province of Fianarantsoa, 47 km south of Ambalavao, and covers a total of about 31,000
hectares. This park is absolutely breathtaking and has very varied landscapes. There you will discover
different species of birds, raas (a special type of lemurs) and other mammals. The hike will take about 7
hours. We will return to the hotel in Ambalavao. The drive there and back will take 4 hours. Overnight
stay at the hotel La Varangue Betsileo Ambalavao, 4-star hotel.
Because of its indescribable beauty of the impressive mountain massif and the spectacular panorama,
the Andringitra massif has been under protecon since 1927. Even then it was recognized that few areas
on earth have a similarly high biodiversity: more than 100 different bird species, 13 species of lemurs
and about 40 other mammal species find their home here. Especially the funny looking raas populate
large parts of the Andringitra Naonal Park. More than 50 frog species live in the protected area and
about 1000 plant species from Andringitra are known unl today. Its highest peak is the Pic Boby. With 2.658 meters it is the second highest mountain in Madagascar. Only
since the area was declared a naonal park in 1999 as part of Madagascar’s environmental acon plan,
has there been a significant influx of visitors. The climate varies from humid, tropical condions in the
eastern lowland tropical forests to extremely low temperatures at higher altudes that can drop to -8°C.

Day 9

Day 9: Ambalavao – Isalo (186 Km, for 4 Hours)
Aer breakfast we will connue our trip to Isalo. Isalo is 186 km from Ambalavao and the drive takes
about 4 hours. Along the way you will encounter many adventures and experiences. Once you arrive in
Isalo you can get to know the city of Isalo and its culture. Overnight stay at Isalo Ranch Hotel, 4-star
Ihosy is located in a plateau at an altude of about 730 meters and is the capital of the Ihorombe region,
in the former province of Fianarantsoa and is the capital of the Bara region. Ihosy is mainly known for its
surroundings, including the very famous Isalo Naonal Park. This city is considered as a meeng point for
the Malagasy populaon, who come from different regions of Madagascar. Peanuts Peanuts and corn are
very ferle in this country.

Day 10

Day 10: Excursion in Isalo-Naonal Park
Aer breakfast we will visit the Isalo Naonal Park. This is classified in one of the first important reserves
of Madagascar. There you can see chameleons and lemurs. Overnight stay at Isalo Ranch Hotel, 4-star
The Isalo Naonal Park was designated as such in the 1960s and has been under comprehensive
protecon ever since. There is a natural swimming pool under the waterfall. Strictly speaking, the park is
a table mountain range that has risen from the Jurassic Sea over many thousands of years. Now
mulcolored sediment layers lie in bright daylight and let their fascinang and mysterious play of colors
shine in the sun.
Numerous animals such as lemurs feel at home here and will surely meet you on your tours.

Day 11

Day 11: Isalo – Betroka (124 Km, ca. 2,5 Hours)
Aer breakfast the journey connues to Betroka.
You will drive on the road to the edge of the road and then connue south to visit the famous Androy
and the village. The trip will take about 2.5 hours. Upon arrival in Betroka, you can get acquainted with
the town and its culture. Aerwards, you can relax at the hotel. Overnight at Ombilahy Hotel, standard
Betroka is known for its mine, which is operated by a private company. The mines are the only real
tourist aracon of the village. Its landscape is very aracve because of its hills and extensive
meadows. In Betroka the plant that disnguishes the southern part of Madagascar is the cactus. The
cactus seed is the food base in the south.

Day 12

Day 12: Betroka – Ambovombe (271 Km, ca. 7 Hours)
Aer breakfast we will connue to Ambovombe. Ambovombe is 271 km away from Betroka. The drive
takes about 7 hours. On the way you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Packed lunches are available
for lunch. Aer a long drive you can relax in the hotel. You will spend the night at the Hotel
Lazan´Androy, 4-star hotel.
Ambovombe or Ambovombe-Androy is a community on the coast in the south of Madagascar. It is the
seat of the Androy region and the district of the same name Ambovombe. Ambovombe is a modest
small town whose life is interrupted by the coming and going of bush cabs. Zebu breeding has a big place
in the culture of many ethnic groups here.

Day 13

Day 13: Excursion in Berenty (50 Km) and campfire in the evening
Aer breakfast we will go on an excursion to Berenty Nature Reserve. Berenty is 50 km away from
Ambovombe. There you will observe lemurs and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the evening we will
return to the hotel. Aer dinner we will make campfires in the courtyard of the hotel. Overnight stay in
the hotel Lazan’Androy, 4-star hotel. BERENTY NATURE RESERVE
Since its creaon in 1936 by the de Heaulme family, the Berenty nature reserve has had the ambion of
protecng the lemurs and their natural environment: the dense gallery forest dominated by tamarind
trees and the thorny dry forest. Since its opening to the public in 1981, it has enjoyed internaonal
renown. Many public figures have visited it, such as Prince Philippe of Edinburgh or the son of the
Emperor of Japan. The private reserve of Berenty is a place where lemurs like Makis, Sifaka and various
species of lemurs like Eulemur collaris and Eulemur rufifrons can be observed. It consists of a gallery
forest and is also a place to observe the endemic bird species Couas.

Day 14

Day 14: Ambovombe – Tolagnaro (108 Km, ca. 2,5 Hours)
Aer breakfast the journey connues to Tolagnaro. During this tour, you will be served by the beauty of
the natural landscapes of the highlands. On the way there you can discover the different cultures of the
small village like Amboasary-Sud, Ankaramena and meet interesng new cultures. When you arrive in
Tolagnaro, you can relax at the hotel and spend a week exploring the local culture and enjoying the
beauful beach of Tolagnaro. Overnight stay at Hotel Talinjoo, 4-star hotel.
Tolagnaro (formerly Fort-Dauphin) is a city in the southeast of Madagascar. It is the capital of the Anosy
region and is 1122 km away from the capital Antananarivo. It was here that the very first colonizaon of
Réunion Island began.
Fort Dauphin offers some of the most spectacular landscapes in Madagascar. There are many historical
quarters from the colonial period, such as Sainte Luce, a fishing village with its palm-lined beaches, the
Fort-Flacourt, the remains of an old bason, the Anosy Museum or the Portuguese Fort.

Day 15

Day 15: Diving in Tolagnaro
Aer breakfast, we have me for relaxaon on the beach of the Indian Ocean. You will not leave
unharmed from this motorcycle raid in Madagascar and its long and unforgeable days of road where all
senses are awakened. Aer lunch you can relax at the hotel. Overnight stay in Hotel Talinjoo, 4-star

Day 16

Day 16: Excursion in Manatantely Cascade
Aer breakfast we go to Fort Dauphin and leave the town by all-terrain vehicle and moto, heading west
by the very long avenue du Maréchal Foch and drive about 10 km to Manatantely –
Just before the village we take on the right the track that leads to the Domaine de la Cascade and park
there – The hike starts on the le bank of the river and goes up to the waterfall by a nice steep path –
Aer a visit of the waterfall, connue in the direcon of Mount Andranara and reach the summit to
enjoy the 360° panorama on the sea and the surrounding mountains – Go down the same
route.Overnight stay in Hotel Talinjoo, 4-star hotel.

Day 17

Day 17 : Tolagnaro – Antananarivo – Europa
This is your last day on the road with a motorcycle. Aer returning the motorcycles, you can visit the city
and enjoy your journey with your friends for the last me in a good restaurant. Aer that, you will be
escorted to the airport. You will take the flight to Antananarivo. From there you will fly to Europe



– Hotel during the tour
– Inlands Flugcket
– Breakfast during the tour
– Motorcycle mechanic for safety
– Moto during the Tours
– 4×4 car accompanies during the tour From 5pax in the group
– Transfer during the tour (Aeroport – Hotel)
– Internet in the car/ Motorcycle during the tour
– Breakfast
– Drinking water during the tour
– Food during the barbecue
– English speaking tour guide during the tour
– Recepon at the airport by an English speaking tour guide
– Welcome gis
– 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
– 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
– Map of Madagascar
– Detailed travel informaon in English
– Flight cket to Antananarivo
– Admission to the park
– Travel Insurance
– Lunch & dinner
– Acvies such as boat trip and diving