Hiking through ‘wild beauty’ of Montenegro mountains

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Min Age : 25
Max People : 10


In this 7 days hiking tour package, you will discover the most beautiful views in unique Montenegro mountains. You will have opportunity to pass along: Prokletije massif – the largest mountain massif of the Balkans. Because of its imposing appearance and high sharp peaks, the term “Balkan Alps” is often used for the Prokletije. Then, exploring Komovi or “Emperor of Mountains” – one of the most beautiful Montenegrin mountains, with its three imposing peaks (Kučki, Ljevorečki and Vasojevićki Kom) as well as because of the view of the other mountains – Komovi are an inevitable point of the annual plan of mountain climbs. You will experience Bjelasica mountain which is characterized by three specifics and important comparative advantages: very easy passage and accessibility to the highest mountain peaks, great wealth of the forest fund and wealth of flowing water. The mountain has a very good potential for skiing, and it also has a well-known Montenegrin ski resort “Jezerine”. It is abundant with streams and rivers, of which perhaps the most important and most beautiful is Biogradska River, which flows into the pearl of this mountain Biogradsko lake (located in National park Biogradska Gora – one of three last rain forests in Europe). However, what this mountain knows most about is its fairytale lakes.


You will take a walk around Hrid lake – ”lake of happiness”. Why ”lake of happiness”? – There is a belief that swimming in the lake brings health and happiness in marriage. It is believed that when you imagine a wish and put some jewelry in the lake, it will really come true, so through the depth of transparent water at the bottom of Lake Hrid you can see a large number of rings, bracelets and chains left by visitors to this beautiful place for many years.


For the end of the tour package it is planned hiking tour through Mrtvica canyon – hidden beneath the mountain of Maganik, about 9 km long, it is a real jewel of untouched nature. It is one of the most beautiful canyons of the former Yugoslavia.


Simply, unique combination of the most beautiful nature beauties in Montenegro which takes breath to the tourists from worldwide!





Departure Time

June July August September October November

Dress Code

Sport casual


Day 1

Day 1: Welcome at the airport (Podgorica or Tivat) or port (Kotor/Bar/Tivat) – Transfer to Gusinje – Check-in – Free time – Dinner – Overnight in Gusinje.


Meals: Dinner

Overnight: Gusinje

Day 2

Day 2: Prokletije (Popadija, Talijanka, Volušnica) hiking tour – Overnight in Gusinje.


Brekfast. Transfer to the starting point of hiking tour.


Track length: approx. 8 km

Max. altitude: approx. 2057 m

Difficulty: medium

Physically readiness: medium – heavy

Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours depending on the readiness and breaks

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch package, Dinner.

Overnight: Gusinje


Access from Gusinje is bypassed by asphalt road to the Greba Valley. The trail starts from the Eco Catun in Grebaja, then passes next to Suljo’s fountain, the Mountain Center ‘’Karanfil’’ and continues in the forest until the exit on the plateau (Ćafa) Volušnice, where there is a beautiful spring fountain.

From the plateau of Volušnica the path goes to the top of Popadija, through which the ridge leads to the top of the Talijanka and Maja e Can. A short break is planned and stay on each top of ten minutes. From the tops of the Talijanka and Maja e Can, one of the most beautiful views is provided on the peaks of Karanfil, Očnjak, Maja e Bojs, Fortita, Vojuša, Karaula…

The whole track is well marked. The source of drinking water is at the beginning of the path in Greba (Suljo’s fountain) and below the top of Popadija.

Transfer to the place of accommodation. Overnight.

Day 3

Day 3: Hrid Lake hiking tour – Overnight in Gusinje.


Breakfast. Transfer to the starting point of the tour.


Track Length: approx. 16 km

Elevation: approx. 1970 m

Difficulty: medium

Duration: approx. 8 hours with breaks in both directions (depending on the readiness)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch package, Dinner.

Overnight: Gusinje


Of the many mountain lakes in Montenegro, Lake Hrid stands out for its beauty and uniqueness. It is located in the northern part of the Prokletije National Park, at an altitude of 1970 m, which makes it one of the highest lakes in Montenegro. It is surrounded by a dense coniferous forest behind which the granite rocks (“cliffs”) of the Bogićevica mountain rise to the southeast. The Hrid lake is not large and can be visited in about thirty minutes. In places where there is no path, it is necessary to jump over fallen trees or cross large rocks. The lake is not too deep either, the greatest depth does not exceed a few meters (in the period when it is not under a thick layer of melted snow).


The scenes and atmosphere around the lake itself quickly make any effort quickly forgotten.


Transfer to the accommodation. Overnight.

Day 4

Day 4: Vasojevićki kom hiking tour – Transfer to Kolašin – Check-in and overnight in Kolašin.


Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to the starting point of the hiking tour.


Max. altitude: approx. 2117 m

Track length: approx. 7 km

Difficulty: medium

Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours depending on the readiness and breaks

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch package.

Overnight: Kolašin


The starting point of the ascent to Vasojevićki kom is from the Štavna. To this place we arrive by the local road Kolašin-Mateševo-Andrijevica (4 km from Trešnjevik). The total time to climb to the top is from 2:30 to 3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the group. The top is stony, spacious and safe, with a concrete pyramid. You will enjoy the views from the top and make unforgettable photos.


Transfer to Kolašin. Check – in. Free time. Overnight.

Day 5

Day 5: Bjelasica – Troglava – Zekova glava hiking tour – Overnight in Kolašin.


Breakfast. Transfer by vehicles to the starting point of the hiking tour.


Max. altitude: approx. 2 117 m

Track length: approx. 11 km

Difficulty: medium

Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours depending on the readiness and breaks

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch package.

Overnight: Kolašin


With Monte Mare Travel in this hiking trail that starts from the ski slopes, you will enjoy the natural landscape of this region, the specificities of the flora, various trees, colorful meadows, flowers… Coming to Zekova glava, we have a look like in the palm of the beautiful Pešića Lake. It is located between the peaks of the Zekova glava and the Crna glava (Black head). Even thought small, with its beauty, surpasses its size.

Bjelasica adorns even Small and Large Ursulovačko and Small and Large Šiško lake which we will also visit.

We will take a break in ethno village Vranjak, where you can enjoy the coffee and tastes of traditional food, all enjoying it in a natural rural ambience.
Visiting this mountain at any time of the year can’t be unsuccessful! You will always admire her and her surroundings again.


Transfer to the accommodation. Overnight.

Day 6

Day 6: Mrtvica hiking tour – Transfer to Podgorica – Check-in and overnight in Podgorica.


Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to the starting point of the hiking tour.


Track length: approx. 18km

Max. altitude: approx. 586

Difficulty: easy-medium

Duration: approx. 5 – 7 hours depending on the readiness and breaks

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch package.

Overnight: Podgorica


With ”Monte Mare Travel” in this hiking tour you will enjoy the beauty of still not enough explored canyon, but increasingly popular for tourists, true nature lovers. At the very beginning of the tour, at the entrance to the canyon, we will see a small, stone bridge that Prince Danilo raised in 1858 in honor of his mother who originated from this area. The bridge was named “Danilo’s bridge”.

Next, by walking along the path leading right along the rock, we will reach the “Gate of Wishes”, made up of two rocks connected at the top. Here we will make a short break. You will enjoy the view of a calm and clear river, relaxing a bright blue and green color that brings peace and simplicity to the visitors. For this gate is connected the story that the fairy from Maganik will fulfill your wish, if you throw a jackstone in the river. Just a few steps away, you can hear the great noise of sparkling waterfalls, from which the most attractive are “Bijeli Nerini”. You will notice a thick vegetation that makes this ambience special. And that’s not the end. The special attraction of this part is a narrow into the rock that was broken through by the army in 1973, led by General Danilo Jauković. In this way, two villages of Mrtvo Duboko and Velje Duboko were connected, and the locals called it “Danilo’s road”.

After the passage of this way also known as “Mrtvičke Grede”, we arrive at Stone Beach where is the end point of the tour. Here we will have a short break for rest. After visiting this sparkling river that abounds with in springs, waterfalls and wild rapids and after pass through the rock which seems absolutely impossible when you look from far away, you will feel completely filled and happy. You’ll want to visit it again!


Transfer by vehicles to Podgorica. Overnight.

Day 7

Day 7: Check-out. Free time. Transfer to the airport (Podgorica or Tivat) or port (Kotor/Bar/Tivat)


Meals: Breakfast.



The price of the arrangement includes:


  1. transfer airport – hotel – airport (Podgorica or Tivat) or port (Kotor/Tivat/Bar)
  2. hiking guide for all hiking tours (in English)
  3. hiking sticks
  4. accommodation in bungalows, eco houses or apartments in Gusinje – 3 nights                      (BB and dinner)
  5. 3 or 4-star hotel accommodation (depending on the availability especially in the season) in a double/triple room or apartment in Kolašin – 2 nights (BB)
  6. 4-star hotel accommodation in a double/triple room in Podgorica – 1 night (BB)
  7. lunch or lunch package (depending on the time of the tours start) for 5 days
  8. residence tax and insurance, tourist tax
  9. road expenses and parking fees
  10. travel insurance
  11. modern, air-conditioned vehicles
  12. tickets for National Parks


The price of the arrangement does not include:


  • Single room use
  • Transfer from an airport that is not listed in the program (from the region)
  • Drinks and food not listed in the program
  • Visits to bars and restaurants that are not listed in the program
  • Travel health insurance
  • Other non-program costs


Additional options (for extra charge):


  • Single room use (where there is possibility)
  • Transfer from another airport (in the region)
  • Travel health insurance (35 EUR per person)


Need to bring (for hiking tours):


Equipment: Comfortable, firmly shoes, sneakers or climbing shoes, waterproof clothes, additional protective equipment from the rain, hat, sun protection – depending on weather conditions


Readiness: Good physical and mental health


       *Arrangement availability: From June to November each year (depending on the weather conditions).

       *The Organizer reserves the right to change (rotate) tours by day in case of bad weather conditions, for a better atmosphere.

      *The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip due to bad weather conditions.


Net Price list



Number of people Net Price per person GBP
1 2832
2 1632
3 1289
4 1115
5 1074
6 972
7 926
8 880
9 852
10 801
11 783
12 746
13 736
14 701
15 694
16 671
17 667
18 648
19 642
20 630

*VAT included in price.

*No group size limit. For larger groups, price on request.

     *Possibility of organizing tourist packages according to your wishes, budget and interests.