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Min Age : 25
Max People : 10


– Adventure Safari experience
– Discovery of the famous biggest tree of the island – Baobab Avenue
– Sleeping in tent on a safe place with a beauful nature
– Hike on an exceponal mountain Tsingy Bemaraha Montagnes volcaniques
– Observaon of the magnificent exoc landscape during the trip
– Discovery of Lemurs, the most famous animal of the island.
– Discovery of Fauna & Flora such as Chameleon and other animal and plant species
– Discovery the culture of Menabe ethnic of Madagascar





Departure Time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Dress Code

Sport casual


Day 1

Day 1: Welcome to Ivato Airport Transfer to the hotel.
Recepon at the airport of Ivato, transfer to the hotel. In the aernoon discovery of the Capital of the
island. In the evening we returned to the hotel. La Ribaudiere, 4Stars hotel.
You will visit the former Royal Palace Rova of Madagascar. This is one of the famous historical cultures of
Madagascar during the colonial period, executed by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Imerina in the 17th
and 18th years and the monarchs of the Kingdom of Madagascar in the 19th.It is located at an altude of
1462 m on the highest elevaon of the capital, the Analamanga, and is thus almost 200 m above the
quarters of the lower city.

Day 2

Day 2: Ampefy – Antsirabe
Aer breakfast drive to Ampefy to see several waterfalls. Aerwards the journey connues to Antsirabe.
Overnight stay at Plumeria Hotel, 3 stars hotel.
The town is located in the district of Soavinandriana in the Itasy region. Apart from a place completely
isolated from the hustle and bustle of the big cies, the village of Ampefy offers you a unique and
contrasng landscape. Located to the west of Antananarivo, the road to this region leads to the volcanic
highlands, which are very present in the region.
The region with its charming volcanic landscape looks similar to the landscape in the southeast of the
island. During your visit, you will discover the life and culture of the day of the people. The Peasants
who live from agriculture are very industrious. They have planted vegetables, corn and rice in this fruiul
soil, whatever the Madagascans like to eat in everyday life, grows here in this country.

Day 3

Day 3: Antsirabe – Miandrivazo (230Kms: 5 hours including photo stops)
Aer breakfast our journey connues to Miandrivazo. One of the famous cies for several cows. Today
we will have other experiences because we will be able to discover an extraordinary beauful landscape
with many mountains. We will have a break during our trip so that you can take good pictures for
panorama. Overnight Hotel “Princesse Tsiribihina” Miandrivazo, 3 star hotel.
Discovery of highlights of central Madagascar with dry areas of the west coast. The west is an arid area,
but with oen abundant rainfall from December to March.
On the way there are beauful natural and mountain landscapes to discover.

Day 4

Day 4: Miandrivazo – Tsiribihi na
Aer breakfast boat trip through the river Tsiribihina. You will see the birds, the Chameleons and the
green nature at the edge of the river. This will be another experience, because we’ re sleeping in a tent.
The Tsiribihina is a river that flows from the central plateau of Madagascar down to the west coast.
A river trip on the Tsiribihina and a visit to the so-called Tsingy of Bemaraha are highly recommended.
This is probably one of the most extraordinary experiences or aracons you will ever find in

Day 5

Day 5: Tsiribihina River Tour
Today you drive on the longest river of Madagascar. On the way discovery of the Dry forest. Under a
cascade there is a nice place for swimming. This is a natural swimming pool. It is possible that lemurs can
be found during this me.Stay overnight in a tent.

Day 6

Day 6: Tsiribihina – Naonal Park Belo sur Tsiribihina
The dream journey connues to the Naonal Park of Belo sur Tsiribihina. Here lemurs can be observed.
Overnight stay in a hotel Menabe de Tsiribihina, 4 stars Hotel.

Day 7

Day 7: Tsingy de Bemaraha
The excing moment has finally arrived. An executed excursion to Tsingy Bemaraha. The is the best
landscape of the volcanic mountains on Madagascar. 86 percent of the 650 Plant species in the naonal
park are endemic and the other part is dry forest. There are predators like the fossa and the ringed tailed
mongoose. Overnight stay at Le Soleil de Tsingy Lodge hotel, 4 stars hotel
About 200 million years ago this unique landscape began to form. The limestone seabed was pushed up,
creang a plateau that was hollowed out by the heavy rains and over the years took on its present form
of high limestone pillars.The integral reserve consists mainly of canyons, gorges, untouched forests, lakes
and mangrove swamps, all of which show an amazing variety of fauna and flora.
The rate of endemic species is about 85%, 47% are even locally endemic animals!The western slopes of
the massif rise more gently and are mainly covered by dry deciduous forests, which are opmally
adapted to the extreme climac condions.
In the north, too, the limestone profiles describe rather gentle hills, while in the south extensive
elevaon formaons extremely restrict access.
In the midst of this difficult to access vegetaon lies the beauful Manambolo Gorge, where you can see
waterfalls, lemurs and magnificent, untouched forests. The landscape here above the plateaus resembles
a grassy savannah. Within the deep gorges, however, the vegetaon is very humid with small tropical
forests and many liana plants.

Day 8

Day 8: Tsingy – Morondava
Aer breakfast, we will go to the village of Baobab (with monkey bread trees) and to Morondava.
Classified as World Heritage, the Tsingy of Bemaraha are part of the network of Parks Naonals of
Madagascar managed by Angap. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990.. Overnight
stay at hotel Chez Maggie Hotel Morondava, Hotel 5 stars.
The city of Morondava is characterized by its famous Baobab avenue.The Baobab Avenue is a veritable
boulevard of baobabs and was protected as a “natural monument” only in July 2007.

Day 9

Day 9: Visit of the town of Morondava
Aer breakfast we will take a walk through this city, where you can learn about the daily life of the
populaon. Also during the visit you will have the opportunity to discover the tradional dances of
Sakalava de Menabe. We will spend the night in an exceponal and unforgeable atmosphere in a 5 star
hotel Chez Maggie Hotel – Morondava.

Day 10

Día 10: Free day for tourists.
We offer you this day at your free disposal. You can go shopping and also lie on the beauful beach of
Morondava for relaxaon. Overnight stay at the Hotel Chez Maggie – Morondava, Hotel with 5 stars.
The town of Morondava is characterized by its famous baobab tree avenue, a real baobab tree avenue,
which was protected as a “natural monument” only in July 2007.

Day 11

Day 11: Morondava – Antananarivo
In the morning you will have me to drive to Morondava, you can relax and enjoy the beach. In the
aernoon you will take the domesc flight to Antananarivo.
You will be picked up at the airport in the capital and transferred to the 4-star hotel La Ribaudiere.

Day 12

Day 12: Andasibe Naonal park
They drive with their fellow travelers to Andasibe Park. The largest lemurs "INDRI -INDRI" are
waing there. You will spend the night at Vakona Forest Lodge. Hotel 4 stars.
The Andasibe Mantadia Naonal Park was founded in 1989 and covers two areas with its 154 km2. Both
parts belonged to the same wet forest and were divided into two parts due to human acvies.You can
discover different flora and fauna in this park, especially what makes the madagascar so unique.
In the Andasibe Mantadia Naonal Park orchids, (screw) palms, the heavy precious wood rosewood and
the “peeling tree” Vakoana as well as all kinds of endemic colorful flowers grow. Three quarters of the
1200 plant species are found only here in Andasibe Mantadia Naonal Park. Most of the trees bloom all
year round. In addion, the small rivers are home to some endemic fish and hundreds of insects,
including some exceponally large and colorful buerflies. The Indri-Indri is the star of the naonal park.
Furthermore, there are day-acve (Diadem-Sifaka, Black and White Vari and the Grey Bamboo lemur) as
well as night-acve lemur species (the small mouse lemur and the Aye Aye (finger animal) as well as the
Fossa, the Brown Maki and the Eastern Wool lemur. You will also encounter a variety of birds, reples
and amphibians.

Day 13

Day 13: Ambohimanga Rova
An excursion to Ambohimanga Rova, where the Merina kings lived. In the evening, they return to the
hotel la Ribaudiere Hotel 4 stars and enjoy the last night in Madagascar.
Ambohimanga Rova in Antananarivo refers both to the place and to the palace of the kings, which was
built on this site. The greatest construcon works were carried out under the reign of the Merina King
Andrianampoinimerina. The oldest parts of the complex date from between 1740 and 1745.

Day 14

Day 14: Departure
The trip to Madagascar is over, before you take the plane to Europe, we offer you
souvenir gis to make your trip unforgeable in your life.
Transfer to Ivato Antananarivo airport.



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– Internet in the car during the tour
– Internal flight cket
– Breakfast
– English speaking guide during the tour
– Recepon in English by a madagastours guide at the airport
– Welcome gis
– 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
– 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
– Map of Madagascar
-Detailed informaon about the tour in english
– Flight cket to Antananarivo
– Entrance to the Park
– Travel Insurance
– Lunch & Dinner